My Services

Kiln Advisors
  • Expert Consulting for Legal and Insurance matters
  • Analysis and recommendations for drying systems including energy consumption and equipment selection. Drying lumber, food, plastics, leather and any product that needs to be dried.
  • Engineering analysis of various energy options.
  • Assistance with permitting. Permitting is done by local engineers but we can provide information on emissions of water and air and chemical content and correction to meet local codes.
  • Assistance in obtaining proposals and evaluating them.
  • Assistance with operation of drying systems to optimize performance and lower operating costs.
  • Development of drying programs and schedules.
  • Assist with yard layout for lumber drying operations.
  • Recommendations for sizing lumber kilns, as well as loading and stacking procedures.
  • Assistance in choosing lumber kiln suppliers including evaluation of proposals.
  • Complete chamber design for customer built lumber drying kilns.
  • Design assistance for customer built kilns using local contractors and engineers.
  • Coordination with local suppliers and contractors for lumber kiln construction.
  • Lumber Kiln operation advice including methods and schedules.