Kiln shown manufactured by Nyle Systems, LLC.

Donald Lewis

Inventor of the Nyle Dry Kiln System and founder of Nyle
Inventor of high temperature dehumidification systems for drying

“Let me help you design the optimum drying system for your operation and let me use my decades of experience to help you obtain the best products for the project at the best price.”
Kiln Advisors

Consultation in Drying Operation and Schedules

Decades of experience as a registered professional engineer

  • Expert Consulting for Legal and Insurance matters
  • Design assistance for lumber dry kilns
  • Wood framed kilns
  • Concrete/brick kilns
  • Prefabricated aluminum kilns selection and relocation
  • Kiln operation for zero defects
  • Drying systems for food, leather, plastics and other products that must be dried at low temperatures below 212⁰f (100⁰c).